Stabling in Sandton


We offer a full livery service that covers 24/7 personal care of your horse and we have a selection of brick and wooden stables.


FULL LIVERY: R 3,700.00 VAT inclusive


Horses & Ponies are stabled in large stables with ample shavings.

You can choose between wood/brick stables.


Daily grooming and health inspection of the horses.

Horses are groomed every day & sprayed with fly repellent.

We have Experienced, Caring Grooms who have worked for us for as long as 29 years.

Their equine expertise includes tacking up, lunging & show prep.

Concentrates & Roughage

Very large Secure Feeding Room with individual dietary requirements that are referred to every day due to constant nutritional changes.

The dietary and national changes are based on your equine’s status IE: current body weight, energy requirements, behaviour patterns.

Our Horses are fed according to their needs, we are not specific to any one type of food or food range.
Ad-Lib Roughage, your equine is not rationed as to how much they consume. The dietary and nutritional requirements are monitored by the stable yard owner, whom is a specialist in the equine field & industry.

Paddocks and Turnout

Large paddocks for grazing

Optional singular paddocking available.

Horses are turned out during

Tack Room

Secure, lock up tack room to store your horses' necessities.

Club House and Arenas

One Clubhouse

Two large sand arena

One dressage arena 

Two large lunge ring 

Security & Night Monitor

Stables and surrounds are entirely secure with necessary alarms and armed response.

Night monitor on duty every night throughout the night, vigilant in the monitoring of your equine should an illness arise.

The night monitor also refills low-level water buckets & grass supply where necessary


Farrier, Chiropractor, Equine Dentist, Veterinary Fees, De-worming, Inoculation’s, Saddle Fitter and Physiotherapist Fees Excluded however we happily co-ordinate such for our clients & their equines

Schooling & Exercising.